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10 Gorgeous Foot Mehndi Designs for Newly Bride

29 May, 2019


Every bride totally looks forward to their mehndi ceremony, this is the day when they can get their favorite Heena designs and flaunt them. Nowadays, from traditional flowers to paisleys to contemporary and customized designs, brides have an immense array of mehndi designs to pick out from. But the trend of such pretty and gorgeous designs aren’t limited to your hands or arms only but also applied on your legs and feet as well. No matter whether you’re a bride who is looking detailed Heena designs or simple ones for your feet, we’ve all unique collections for newly bride that gives her legs a fascinated look.

So, in this blog I’ve handpicked some foot mehndi designs which you can consider for your mehndi:


1. A classic full-leg Mehendi design

This mehndi design is known as “Rajasthani Mehndi Design”, with a “mirror reflecting art”. You can see here that both feet are exactly looking the same and feel like a mirror image. The peacock design is alluring, it covers only the feet giving it a non-messy look. You can also choose flowers and leaves to decorate your feet.


2. Criss Cross Patterns

Criss Cross Patterns are also in trend if you are one of those brides who cannot afford to sit prolong period, then this Heena mehndi design is perfect for you as it does not consume your time. Criss-cross patterns are beautifully used with drop-like designs, large roses, tiny lotus, flowers, and cascading bells. All these make up an interesting or alluring Heena design for bridal feet.

3. Arabic Mehndi

This foot mehndi design is a perfect example for brides who wants a simple and sober look. Only bold flowers with leaf motifs are designed by covering the entire feet. The Arabic Mehndi design is a neatly design and easy to apply. Mostly, it is worn by brides who are indulged in the corporate world or doing some business.

4. Mirror reflecting art

In this mehndi design, both feet are displayed as a complete reflection of each other. It covers the initial part of feet and led with bold flowers, veil sheets, leaves fulfills the entire feet; can also exceed till the middle of the legs.

5. A different form of Arabic Mehndi Design


This form of mehndi design is popularly famous among brides due to its simplicity and abstract design. Designers use flowers, leaves, peacocks and other stuffs; it starts from the thumb and ends on calves. Most of the times, Black mehndi design is used to fill borders and Heena for internal patterns. 

6. Give a modern touch to traditional mehndi

Unlike the other mehndi patterns, this design drawns only on the sides of the feet. Intricate details as legs are filled up with mango leaves and veil sheet pattern. It gives unique touch to the bride’s feet and takes a short time to apply.

7. Marwari Mehndi Art

This design suits brides who want to apply a big fat Heena design onto their feet from calfs to the initial part of the feet sometimes exceeds to back of the legs as well. A lot of intricate details are added that gives fully traditional touch to a bride’s legs. As you can see that, in this picture this Heena design covering the whole feet and end up with sun motif definitely suits a bride.

8. Give your feets a colorful design

To gives their feet a unique touch, brides are tending to add different shades of mehndi art. Use of golden patterns look really alluring makes it a perfectly suitable for a bride. It intrinsic golden sparkles draw on the end of flowers and leaves. You can also try small colored stones but should placed carefully on legs. If you are looking for a different bridal foot mehndi, then design gets thumbs up from us.

9. A bunch of flowers with jaal

This design embellishes just the front of the foot is perfect for the minimalistic brides. Symmetrical floral bunches connected with strikingly pretty jaal design, we're totally rooting for this uber unique foot mehndi design.

10. Bands one after one

This mehndi design is different from above 9 other patterns, it divides the bride’s feet into three stages and then filled by leaving some space. Bands are made with big circular motifs in the middle and the rest of the feet are covered with peacock pattern, large roses, and veil sheet design.


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