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5 New Safa Trends For Grooms Getting Married in 2019!

16 Sep, 2019


Safa or turban is only a single piece of cloth wrapped over the head and bejewelled with bling ornaments. It is a tradition of Indian Weddings signifying the groom's respect. So, if you are getting married this year, have you picked a wedding safa design yet? Do you what's in trend? A myriad of designs has flooded in the market but we won't let you get lost in that flood. This time we have come up with Best Safa designs along with some classics that will never go out of style.

Irrespective of what you call it (a Punjabi turban or a Rajasthani safa or a pagri) the Safa gives a different look to groom, depends on the fabric you choose (silk, chanderi, cotton, velvet or kota).  Whether you wanna go loud or keep it subtle, there is a safa design for every groom!

Let’s check it out some in-trend Safa designs which will make you look prettier at par with your fashionista bae as both of you can walk down the aisle or maybe even a notch up!

1. Floral print with long-tails



The flowery and soft patterns on earthy tones give refresh change from traditional pink or golden pagdis. You can tie up a long tail as a mark of royalty. Paring them with Jodhpuri pants and Bandhgala, take your overall look to the next level. Quirkily floral prints will add a sassy look in your wedding attire

2. Bandhani Safa



Curated by Rajasthan artists, Bandhani prints leave a vibrant splash of colors and foil silhouette which can be easily wrapped in different styles. It is light in fabric and comfortable for the scorching sun, Bandhani wedding safa best suits for every groom’s friend. In order to create a compelling contrast, tie it up with neutral-coloured sherwani or couture paired with bright and peppy Bandhani wedding safa. Get a more nailed groom’s look, attach a Kalgi with Bandhani Safa will instantly raise the royalty of wearer.

3. Color coordinate 



For looking perfectly coordinated, go for a color matching exactly or even in contrast to what your wife-to-be has chosen to wear on the D-Day. A beaded necklace gives you a classy touch. Not only she will feel extremely happy but your gorgeous pictures will give major couple-goals to people as well as living proof of the deep bonding you guys share. Don’t go OTT searching for an exact color, rather than just choose the closets hue of the family and get your wedding safa tailored.

4. Tie and die


A big dan of the Jaipur-inspired tye-dye technique, featuring vibrant colours with extraordinary prints on them naturally created using kidney beans and grams. Soaked in peppy colours like yellow, red, green and blue, tie-dye adds a colourful and quirky quotient to the wearer. If you're a go-getter and a happy soul, get your heads on this tye-dye wedding safa and emanate an air of bubbliness.

5. The pastel Safa’s


The pastel palette is a steady favorite for its good reasons. From sherwanis to mojari's, they complement for all grooms' trousseaux and flatter Indian skin tones. Hence, a pastel safa would be a charmer for you that will go well with all types of wedding attire, especially with heavily embellished or printed outfits.

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