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Basic Skincare Tips at Home 2020

05 Jan, 2020


As you all know that everyone wants glowing skin. Especially women who want special skincare. When it comes to leaving their mark on others and awakening their inner beauty, then bright and soft skin builds confidence.

So here we come with some homemade products for skincare that you can use to enhance your inner beauty through your outer face. Because you know now a days women’s having different skin textures are facing so many problems of acne on dry and oily skin. There are so many chemical cosmetics available in different online markets and medical shops. That helps you out to handle these skin related problems and to make you beautiful.

They can be in the form of skincare products. But the thing that worries us is the expensiveness of these makeup products. So here comes some homemade products that you can use to enhance your beauty. Ingredients that you need to make those homemade skincare products:-


1. Aloe Vera Gel:- Aloe Vera Gel is the best for skincare at home. It is riches in antioxidants and minerals as well it helps to protect and smoothen your skin and makes it flaunting. Using aloe vera gel as the primer can work also as a moisturizer and prevent your skin from any serious skin related problems.

2. Talcum Powder:- If you have oily skin, Talcum powder is the best way to get temporarily rid of your oily skin at home. Even those who have dry skin they also can use it as a compact after applying any foundation.

 3. Turmeric:- Turmeric helps to skin from acne and has antiseptic and antibacterial properties that prevent skin from acne and helps evens out skin discoloration. Turmeric also used for glowing skin and relief from dust and fungal skin infections.

 4. Coconut oil:- Coconut contains vitamin E and healthy fats for skincare, which helps to make skin and lips soft. You can just put a one drop coconut oil in your palm at night and softly rub it on your face and leave it all night. Do this at least 15 days regularly and see results.

 5. Beetroot juice:- Beetroots are a unique source of betalains it is a type of phytonutrient, It can help you to get rid of tanning as well.

 6. Coffee powder:- Coffee helps to prevent the skin from fine lines and redness, It will also help to get rid of dead cells and gives you perfect glowing skin. Coffee also helps to boost your Stamina.

 7. Glycerine:- Glycerine is very helpful for oily skin, It helps to lock the moisturize of your skin and keeps it hydrated all day long. Put one drop of Gulab Jal in glycerine for better results.


Method of making some homemade skincare products:-

  1. Primer:- To make primer you can use natural Aloe vera gel in terms to moisturize your skin and it will also help your makeup to stay last long.
  2. Moisturizer:- To make homemade moisturizer cum BB cream you need to follow these steps given below –

                  Step1 - Take a bowl and add some Talcum powder in it according to your need

                  Step2 - Add some coffee powder according to your skin tone

                  Step3 -  Add some Turmeric powder to make its texture more like foundation and to provide natural golden glow to your skin

                  Step4 -  Add 1 or 2 teaspoons of aloe vera gel in it

                  Step5 -  Add 1 teaspoon of glycerine in it to make its consistency better and to provide your skin outer glow.

  1. Compact:- To make natural compact you can simply use talcum powder to make your base set perfectly on your skin.
  2. Lip moisturizer:- To moisturize your lips you can use coconut oil or pasteurized butter.
  3. Lipsticks:- To make your lips naturally pinkish use beetroot juice.
  4. Blush:- You can use beetroot juice as a blush for that you just have to simply apply it on your cheeks with the help of your fingers.
  5. Mascara:- To make mascara you need coffee powder and aloe vera gel mix them in the same quantity and make its consistency as mascara and apply this mascara after applying some talcum powder on your lashes so that it will create a more Fuller look on your lashes.
  6. Makeup fixer:- To make it naturally you need some boiled petal of roses, mix them with a little amount of glycerine put it in a spray bottle and then there you go to apply it after you all done with your final makeup.

Natural home remedies for glowing and acne-free skin:-

  1. Multani soil (mitti):- At first you need a bowl and add some pieces of Multani mitti in it and then put a little amount of water in it according to your need and leave it for 10-15 minutes for better results. After that firmly apply it on your skin after wash your face. Apply it only on dry face let it dry properly and rinse after it gets dry properly and at last moisturize your face with any natural moisturizer like Coconut oil or aloe vera gel.


          Benefits of Multani soil (mitti):-

  1. a) It works as a scrub to remove all dead skin cells and blackheads.
  2. b) It helps to make skin more glow naturally.
  3. c) It has oil-absorbing property as well.


      2. Honey:- You can also use honey as a natural moisturizer to improve the quality of your skin, It helps to open the pores of nose and cheeks.

        How to use:-

  1. a) Apply honey on your face massage it on your pores near cheeks and nose in circular motion.
  2. b) Let it dry on your face at least 15 minutes and then rinse it with lukewarm water.


      3. Peel of oranges:- At first take the peel of oranges and dry it very nicely and convert them into powder.

           How to use:- Take this powder, Mix it with honey and firmly apply it on your face it will give your skin a natural and healthy glow.

  1. Turmeric and raw milk:- You can use a mixture of turmeric and raw milk directly on your skin for makeup. Which is easily available at home.

           How to use:- Apply it on your face, let it dry and rinse it with cold water for healthy and glowing skin

  1. Facepack of red Masur daal:-
    1. At first, take the half bowl of red Masur daal.
    2. Put some water in a bowl, Let pulse get wet properly then make thin paste out of it.

        How to use:- Apply this homemade paste on your skin after washing your face clearly with lukewarm water, let it dry then rinse with cold water.

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