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Best 16 unique valentine day gifts idea

01 Feb, 2020


       Giving gifts on any occasion has a different significance. Different gifts are given on every different occasion.  It is also a way to show our feelings to the close person from us. There is the latest trend of giving gifts to your love on valentine's day. But this is very confusing that what unique gift should, you give to your love which he/she likes very much. The price of your gift doesn't matter, It is related to your feelings.

We are talking about which unique gift you can give your love on valentine's day.


Unique Valentine gifts:-


1. Go on Movie and date-

      You can make memorable your valentine day by going to the favorite romantic movie with your love and can also do candlelight dinner at the date.


2. Surprise Dance Night-

      Arrange surprise dance night party only for you and your love in your house, in which both of you can completely lost in each other. This can be a memorable valentine day of your life.


3. Romantic Song Recorded Devices in your voice-

      On this valentine day, you can give romantic songs recording devices by you in your voice dedicated to your love, no matter how is your voice. And express your feelings in the form of romantic songs. This will be a very beautiful and romantic valentine's gift for your partner.


4. Love latter with attractive packing-

      Give a valentine day gift in a new way by writing a love letter and see the magical smile on your partner’s face. This letter will be in small and beautiful packing. Nowadays this trend of love letter has stopped. So this is a unique valentine gift idea for you.

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5. Love reasons cards in a box-

      Think about your partner and write down about her/him on cards that why you love your partner. Write the only one reason on one card. The more you will write the reasons for loving them, the more happiness your partner will feel. Well furnish all the cards in the box with attractive packing. This is the unique valentine's gift for her/him.


6. Adjustable ring-

      If it is your first valentine day with your love, Then the option of the ring is the best valentine's day gift for your partner. Anyway every girl like jewellery.


7. Drawing Posters

      Make some drawing posters for your partner with your hands. If you can do a good drawing, make a picture of your love and give her/him in gift.


8. Personalized heart shaped cushion-

      Give a personalized pillow in heart shape and customized blanket, which has you and your partner’s photo. This thing is going to be used every day so that you will remember these moments every day.


9. Teddy Bear-

      Teddy bear likes by everyone. You can give this also to your partner as a valentine's gift. Customize this teddy bear with romantic songs and lights.


10. Makeup Kit with a perfume set-

      On valentine, you can give a branded makeup kit to your partner as a gift. That will help to make their skin glow more. This also adds their favorite perfume. This will be you good gift for them.


11. Heart locket chain-

      As a valentine gift give customized heart key locket chain. This is also a good option for it.


12. Couple hug showpieces-

      Showpieces are common as a valentine gift, but you can make unique this for your love. Give personalized couple hug showpiece with your faces. You can give love symbols also in the gift.


13. Wallet and handbags

      Wallets and handbags almost using daily. Give these things also to your love as a gift. Which can make you feel your presence all the time.


14. Matching cloths-

      You can give your partner personalized colour matching T-shirts and pajama set. Many types of matching sets for the couple available in the market. Customize these as per your requirement and give in the gift.

If you want to give some gift to him the printed ties and scarf is also the best option.


15. Smart Devices-

      For the help of your partner to easy her/him lifestyle, give smart devices in the gift. You can give some items for the kitchen, smartphone, hairdryer, etc to her. And for him give saving machine, wireless charger, smartwatch, etc. but these are common gifts.


16. Flower bouquet with Red rose-

      Red rose is considered a symbol of love. So this is mandatory with each gift for your love in valentine gift.


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