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Best Gift ideas for your Wife on Karwa Chauth

14 Oct, 2019


When the moon arrives in the skies, only then can one can break the fast as it is marked auspicious. Celebrated by the Hindus, especially in Northern India, the festival ends only after offering prayers to the moon.

Karwa Chauth one of the traditional festivals of India observed in India, especially for the married women. This usually falls in the winter season as most of the festivals fall around this period. If you're newly married and your wife would be fasting for you for the first time, make her feel special at the end of the day. The process of fasting is not so easy, as this one being really strict for Indian Women. The perfect way to bring the happy ending of her fast is to giving romantic gifts to your spouse. This would make her all her efforts of fasting seem fruitful when she would break the fast.

Are you looking for something unique and useful Karwa Chauth Gifting ideas for your sweat-heart to make her feel special? In this blog, we've compiled a list of thoughtful and unique gifts that will make your wife happier than ever. Although, finding gifts for a woman you love isn't always easy; worry not, we've collected the best Karwa Chauth gifts you can find.

1. Diamond Ring



Nothing can beat this gift. Every girl dreamed to have a Diamond ring in her finger. When she will be praying Moon, just go on your knees and proper her with a Diamond Ring and say, "I will always protect your beautiful smile just the way these diamonds shine". I am damn sure she will be glad, happier and feel more for you from this day. This would also make your bond stronger with each other.


2. Titan Raga Watch



Our next recommendation is a really gorgeous wristwatch for your wife. One of the most Royal Gift she'll always remember. If you do not know then let us tell you that Titan Raga collection offers some of the best watches for women and we have also picked one from this collection as well. This is called Cocktails from Raga, and this is an exceptionally stunning watch which is indeed suitable for cocktail parties too. Moreover, your wife can definitely rock this watch on all sorts of occasions and attires too. In fact, it comes with this unique magnetic clasp which automatically wraps around your wrist when comes in contact. You also get a complimentary Swarovski crystal-studded ring with this watch too.


3. Personalized gifts



We have mostly included practical and materialistic kind of gifts in this section and it is definitely the time for a change now. We can shift our focus towards more romantic and theme-oriented items that will surely leave her into wonders. Bedrooms are the epicentre of any romantic relationships. With this Personalized Photo sticker on Karwa Chauth with a photo of you and your love can make the romantic mood within a room. Trust me your sweetheart is going to love it. Make sure you put the best memories of both of you. Moreover, your personalized gifts may also include photo frame, personalized watch, heart-shaped personalized cuisine, message frame and so on.

4. Handmade Gift Box




Since your wife is starving the whole day for your betterment, you can surely squeeze out some time to make her a beautiful card or a memory box which can be a good reminder of your close relationship. This might not be a gift worth thousands, but the gesture and effort are sure to make her happy. You can make a box of messages with cute pink and white color combination and put pictures, gifts, a bunch of message chits into it. 

5. Kindle



If she loves to read books, why not present her with a Kindle, a dedicated e-reader? In a kindle, books can be read without any interruption and it comes with in-built features like a dictionary, highlighting and more. The touch screen feature, along with a glare-free screen, makes for a comfortable read. It is just like reading a normal newspaper. Your wife can carry it anywhere she wants to as it is light in weight, and can read books of her choice in sunlight as well as in her living room. For those wives who were once voracious readers and have now no time to read because of daily household chores, this gift will definitely compel them to start their hobby of reading books once again. What's best? The Amazon India festive sale is on and you might find some amazing discounts on the latest Kindle devices.


6. Fitness products




If your wife is a fitness freak but is not getting time to hit the gym, and then gift a treadmill or exercise cycle. You can also gift a gym membership which will compel her to visit the gym.


7. Tattoo



Yaa Yaa..!!! It sounds kinda filmy, right? But it is painful too to get a tattoo done on your body. Show your love to your wife by getting her name tattooed on any part of your body. This will leave her in surprise and happy at the same moment.

8. A Candlelight dinner




You can lift up the level of romance by arranging a candlelight dinner for her in a restaurant or even on the rooftop where you can manage the lighting as well as the atmosphere. Starving in itself is a herculean task and when you pamper her with flowers and good food, and the rooftop arrangement, she will be more than pleased.

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