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Best ideas for a hosting home wedding

10 Feb, 2020


India is the largest population country in the world after china so there are different cultures live here. Their rituals and weddings are different, We have all heard about the modern Fat Indian Wedding. The beautiful pictures are everywhere. Facebook, Instagram, and other social media. But India is a versatile country with an array of social strata across the nation.

Mostly people want to host the wedding Function at home. It is associated with people’s privacy and social sentiments. Because there are many kinds of memories associated with your sweet home, which makes unforgettable your sweet memories.

Your Sweet home is the best option for hosting the wedding, But peoples don’t have any idea for hosting an attractive & Memorable home wedding.


So there are some ideas about how can we host the wedding at home:-


1. Select the best space for Home Wedding –

A wedding Function at home is the best option for a wedding. Utilize every place of your home for different moments as proper planning like Roof, garden, chowk, etc.

Like a tent can be put in the garden, Music or other programs can be done on the roof. A room can be used for makeup and can organize the Mehandi program in the courtyard at home. You should plan all these according to the spaces and gathering for the wedding.

While organizing the wedding at home, take care of the weather. Planning to use every place of the house according to the weather also.


2. Decorations –

The Decorations for the wedding program at home should be according to you. The better the decoration the sweeter the memories. For this hire a good decorator. And tell him that where the put tent and mandap. Please tell the decorator about the gathering, So that the best siting arrangement can be made for the guests.

Things you focus on that is:-


a) Utilize the Natural look -

Decoration should be according to the surrounding area. If there are any natural things like a tree near you. Please use it definitely in decoration. This will make a very beautiful natural look for a home wedding.       

b) Main entry door decoration -

Guests kids and family friends come your home and the first thing they saw your home gate or main entry door and as you know the first impression is the last impression so decorate your home gate with some fresh flowers like sunflower, rose, etc Ashoka leaves and marigold flowers also a great option. It is the symbol of an auspicious event at the house.

c) Rangoli -

Whether it is a festival or wedding Rangoli plays a very important role rangoli makes your environment fresh and positive just draw a colorful rangoli in your home entrance and your guests will love that.

d) Light Decoration –

The idea is to revamp the house into a dream home. If its a night function lighting is the best way to do it. Hanging beautiful lanterns, arranging diyas, creating a dreamy fairy tree should top the charts.

e) Give old social look -

Due to the wedding program in the house. Make it very attractive by giving social look in the decoration. It also brings alive your culture.

f) Matching flowers decoration with colour.

Use matching flowers of background and light for decoration. A special corner/mandap can be set up all with flowers for the wedding ceremonies, with an array of flower choices spanning from simple marigold to exotic orchids. Use small plants with pots in Home Wedding. It makes the look more attractive also. That really depends on the budget.

g) Dining Table -

Decorate your Dining table with flower pots, spoons holders, vegetable fruits, plates and if wine and drinks if possible.


3. Hire Friendly Catering & Halwai –

Detectable food comes instantly to mind when we think of a home wedding. Afterall the entire idea is all about feasting. The cuisine could be fancy or as simple as the local one.

Hiring local trusted caterers to help a lot. Also, self buying bulk fresh vegetables, meats, dairy, etc curbs on the budget while ensuring the taste. Thus setting a well-decorated food corner should be done. The food also has to appeal to the eyes.

While catering for the wedding at home, keep in mind that the crew should be gentle. And a crew also should be available for cleaning messy. So that the atmosphere is clean and tidy for the Wedding ceremony. Also, the females should be asked to take lead on this front.


4. Music & entertainment Arrangement -

What is a wedding without some grinding music Well, let's leave this arrangement to the youths. Hiring local musicians and playing local tunes adds up ethnicity to the whole atmosphere. Keeping up with the trend there should certainly be performances that need not be close to perfection but definitely close to hearts.

The dance floor is also important for the wedding at home. Let the bride and groom have their moments of little fun as they embark on this lifetime journey. Kids should be encouraged to participate as well. In all the idea is to make it fun and memorable.


5. Hire Makeup & Mehandi Artist -

The makeup artist helps make your beauty look more beautiful, Mehandi also has a beautiful role with it. So book quality makeup and Mehandi artists for home, to avoid the excessive rush in function. A separate room should be arranged for bridal.


6. Photographers -

Photographer has an important role to refresh our memories in the future. He captures our happiness in the camera and gives it to us in the form of photos and videos. Seeing who it is natural to smile on the lips. So hire a good photographer at a wedding who can capture every moment of marriage well.


7. Cocktail and Fruit drink Counter -

Nowadays a common trend of the cocktail is running at weddings and parties. Whenever you organize a wedding program at home, also arrange a cocktail counter on one side or corner. So that peoples can enjoy without any disturbance.

There should also be a fruit and juice counter at the wedding, which will attract your guests after taking food. Especially children’s center of attraction is the fruit and juice counter.


8. Availability some extra vehicles -


If you are organizing a wedding at home, then you have to take care of many things. some extra vehicles available at all times for quick mobility should also be planned well within advance.


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Other Arrangements -

other small things like planning comfortable seating for guests, arrangements for extra bedding, logistics.


So keeping all these small and smart tactics in mind any home wedding can be a dream affair that lives lifelong in everyone's memories.

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