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Budget-friendly Diwali Party Ideas Every New Couple Needs to Know

26 Oct, 2019


“Hosting a Diwali party within budget to maintain can be a piece of cake with these smart ideas (which we promise aren't dull). All we're aiming at is to turn your party a success by making your couch potato guests forget Netflix and Instagram”.

It is that time of the year again when festivities take center stage in everyone’s lives. The festive mood can literally give you a high with lots of shopping, festive home makeovers and loads of parties. Diwali is a perfect time to bond with those special people in your life, including that one man who means the world to you.

With changing dimensions of lifestyle in India, many things are changing from the unconventional to the conventional side of the coin. These days’ festivals are a lot more than just meeting people. They are now about meeting people and having them talk you in front of everyone. As the first year of marriage is always special and memorable. You have just started sharing your life with your better half and look forward to celebrating every little occasion together. In this blog of Amritlife, we came up with certain ideas to through a budget friendly Diwali.


Throw a house party



Nothing can beat House parties as it gives full comfort and entertain to your guests. So, if the two of you have been wanting to throw one for the longest time, then this is the perfect chance. Delegate specific tasks to each other; for instance you can draw up the food menu while he can look after the guest list. You will notice that working as a couple makes the entire process a breeze! 


Go for DIY Dainty Decors




This time use your art and craft skills fully. When we say DIY decors, we don’t mean to follow complex art and craft. There is available tons of simple DIY methods on YouTube, which will hardly take one minute of yours to create eye-catching stuff which is incredibly low-cost. For instance- Choose your diligently collected seashells from the beach to make exquisite candles/diyas For this, all you need is to do to fill them with wax and fix a candle wick in the center to light. Purchase flowers in bulk with local street florist. Second, create some fetching floral hanging and many other options are also available; you can pick.


The Key is Bulk Shopping



Nobody can beat middle-class moms when it comes to smart and frugal shopping. Their trick is to buy from the wholesale market and get bulk shopping discounts! So, instead of getting heedlessly ordering food online or form a retail shop just one day before the party, look for nearby warehouses or wholesale markets. You will get incredible discounts on food ingredients, crockeries, decors etc. Many stores have special offers going on at this time which you, being the host, of course, should grab at the drop of a hat.

P.S. Planning the party in advance will give you more time to seek such places and discounts.


Go for Handmade Sweets and Paying for them Instead!




Don't Let the Drinks Drink Away Your Budget!!




Search for amazing cocktail recipes online and offer them to your guests as refreshments with snacks. Who cares about the crockery when the drink is lip-smacking? Bingo!!! Furthermore, preparing cocktails for your guests instead of serving alcoholic drinks to them helps you to save lot of bucks.

P.S - If your friends are understanding and want to help, you can ask them to drop by with the drink of their choice. This will brush off the drink expense without eliminating alcohol from the party.


And Here Comes the Biggest Expense to Avoid



If the alarming situation of the environment still doesn't bother you may be a big hole in your pocket will as the crackers are really expensive. So avoid crackers and be in the good books of mother earth, our furry friends and the heart patients around. Light some colorful sky lanterns instead with your guests. Looking at them soaring away from your terrace would be a fun activity to do together. It does feel magical!

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