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Finger Foods That Give a Taste to Guest of Your Wedding

22 Jul, 2019


Often, weddings are one of the biggest dreams of one’s life. It’s a day to which you never wants to forget and vital part of planning is dedicated to foods and drinks, going to be served to guests. Generally speaking, we want our guests to feel effectively by offering them tasty and delicious food. You have been seen that many weddings have a time gap between actual ceremony and reception. At this time, guests often want to mingle amongst one another as well as enjoy delightful appetizers until bridal party arrives.

In this blog, we’ve found some elegant finger foods for  you that you definitely wanna  include at your reception. Either you’re planning a simple backyard wedding or an extravagant big fat wedding; these recipes will surely help you out to prepare a personalized appetizer menu. They’re relatively simple to make but will look gourmet which is why they deserve a spot at your wedding.

Dairy-Free Sun-Dried Tomato And Basil Pinwheels

Pinwheels are a delicious finger foods as they’re full with distinct tasty ingredients rolled up with a pleasant bite. Having a wide range of food variety in your wedding is OK! But it is also important to ensure that all your guests with different diets are accommodated. So, the plant-based recipe is suitable for vegetarian or vegan guests, it uses vegan cream for filling cream. Then, preserved tomatoes, garlic and fresh basil gives pinwheels a bold flavor.

Muffin Tin Meatloaf

If you’re the one who wants to serve something hearty and filling in cocktail party then you definitely can include these mini meatloaves. They are conveniently made in a muffin tin, ground beef makes up the base of this meatloaf recipe. It also includes crushed bread crumbs, a few sauces and loads of seasonings. Get ready! These delightful bites coming to give you a new taste. Muffin Tin Meatloaf are available in lot of flavor on their own, but it would be better to serve them with a drizzle of a sauce of your choice.

Baked Brie, Pear, And Pecan Bites

Puff pastry treats are really very healthy because they are deliciously light with a cloud-like texture. This finger food starts with puff pastry and topped off with a bold brie cheese and a piece of sweet Bosch pear. I can vouch that your guests will surely love this dish because of its bold flavor. In order to garnish it, you can add a toasted pecan and a drizzle a balsamic reduction.

Strawberry Bruschetta

Some couples prefer to explore standard wedding food trends, whereas others like take something unique. Sometimes, all you wish is to require a popular food and add a bit twist to that so as to keep an tremendous wedding menu. Strawberry Bruschetta could be a bite-sized food that brings along fruit, cheese, and tomatoes to form an implausible citrus savory flavor that gives another chance to your guests to remember your wedding!

 Vegetable Shooters

If you're a bride that puts plenty of effort in getting fit for your wedding, you'll most likely familiar with vegetable snacks. Vegetables are wholesome and tasty, however but you want to make sure that they are also neat and easy to walk around with. That’s why vegetable shooters are best snack for your reception. It contains sliced carrots, cucumbers, peppers, and celery combined with shot glass, with a layer of ranch at very bottom make a good snack for guests to hold with them throughout the reception.

Chocolate Mousse in a Martini Glass

Another figure food for your wedding reception is little bit different from others. Although, there is a less traditional to do so but I would like to recommend it as this snack will be bite sized and easy to eat. We’ve been seen that most of the couples do not prefer to include some appetizer for their reception that will satisfy that sweet tooth. But  since the trend of wedding desserts a nice chocolate mousse in a classy martini glass to be loved by everyone.

Smoked Paprika And Garlic Shrimp Skewers

The last one is, Shrimp Skewers that can make a great appetizer. It is easy to put to together and offer loads of flavors which everyone is going to be enjoyed. Also ensure to soak the skewers in water prior to grill, it will prevent the wood from burring. You also may want to marinade the shrimps for at least 30 minutes or more so they can soak up as much flavor as possible.

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