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Funny Wedding Cake Ideas that will Leave Everyone Laughing Hard!

08 Jun, 2019


Its a wedding season!!!

When it comes to the wedding cake, you always think to opt an elegant, floral furnished cake which looks decent and catchy to look it. But that is a very common road that every couple takes. If you’re a super cool and fun-loving person who wouldn’t mind to add a dash of humor in your wedding cake which will elicit hearty laughs, you must check out these funny wedding cakes we have enlisted below. Putting up some quirk to anything make the concept more memorable and hep?

With these cakes you won’t only makes ROLF to your better half but also leaves in splits guests too. In the trend of personalized things, you could also make experiments with your wedding cakes.

Here is listing out some craziest and funniest wedding cakes for your wedding -

Indian Bride & Groom cake toppers

In India, marriages happen with full traditions and cultural; it is expected from Indian Groom to wear Shervani and Bride to wear Red or Pink lenghas. Putting this theme on your wedding cake would be a great concept by adding some royal desi touch into your celebrations.

Love Minions? Have them on your cake!

This cake is for the couple who have poles-personalities and is also a BIG TIME minion-lover.

The Drunken Bride

All boozer bride will relate to this wedding cake.

Sonam Kapoor's wedding cake had us in splits!

If your groom is basketball lover, then you can opt this cake. Sonam Kappor’s wedding cake splits people with mix feelings - to love or to laugh!!.

Let's just accept, our shopping never stops

"I have shopped enough," said no woman ever. If your would be is die-heart fan of shopping, you can opt this cake for her.

Last Chance to Run Away!!

This is not exactly a wedding cake but we can’t resist to share it with you. You can opt this hilarious bachelorette for your bachelor party.

Groom on a leash


This cake is for those who wants to some little cynicism in their wedding cake. A charming Groom laid down and bride hang on belt in his neck. Get it?? she tamed and make a life choice which will increase his happiness and health is such a drag, haha!!

Angry bride

This cake is specially designed for those men who always stuck in their work and can’t give proper time to their wife.

She will never let you go anywhere!!

Grooms, don’t think to leave her for a single moment; she’ll hold you for lifetime.

For gym addicted Grooms!!

If you’re a gym freak and believe to sweat more, then this cake can be a good choice. It shows, now you to bear her weight for the whole life.

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