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Grooms Bachelor Party Ideas

17 Aug, 2019


As a groom, you won’t be planning your own bachelor party, your friends are surely involve in this. Going out and drink beer is so common but it can be nice with if you have some different party ideas. In this blog, we have come up with bachelorette party ideas- based on what kind of person you are, i.e. from being an adventure-loving to outdoorsy to sophisticated. Nonetheless, of the category you fall under, you can adopt such unique ideas to rock on your bachelorette.

Poker Night

If your groom is a person who enjoys a night in with his friends, who says you shouldn't plan something simple? Poker night is a real riot and it also opens up the chances to include further activities as per your interest. For instance- you could grill up some steaks and load up on beer and liquor for the house. You can also include certain cigars; you’ll have yourself one rocking night!!

Road trip bachelor party

Collect up your boys and hit the open road. You can plan this trip with an ultimate destination in mind or just go wherever your groom is interested in seeing, stopping everywhere along the way. It will give all of you an amazing chance to be an adventure, to try all kinds of new places and creates some crazy memory which you’ll be able to hold onto forever. A lot can happen on a road trip, especially when you set off for unknown destinations, it will also develop your bond with your friends. But if you want to plan out your trip ahead of time, several apps and websites are available in the market which can help you. Just enter the route you plan to take, and they can suggest various stops and hotels across the way as well as even tell you the estimated fuel cost.

Whiskey tasting bachelor party

Raise a glass to the groom’s last days of bachelorhood. A proper whiskey tasting can be staged from the comfort of any home. Setup is simple; put someone in charge who has a strong knowledge of spirits, choose six to eight whiskey and then ask them to blind-taste them. After, discuss a group the likes and dislikes for each offering before revealing the identities. The will be an amazing and fun-loving idea for your bachelorette and double your joys. If you don't want to go outside of the city, then a lot of bars are opened in your town, go and try this idea over there.


Not always a fan favourite, but some grooms may prefer to have their wife-to-be present in their bachelorette. The idea of a co-ed bachelorette party is a great way to fun with your closest friends. In such parties, you can see another side of your partner, this would too make your friends closer to her and she's to you. This will gives a chance to engaged couple to do a grand celebration before tying the knot. You can also award with the groom as a Man of Honor and Groom has a Best Women.

Plan some sports

If your groom-to-be loves sports, then planning some adventures sports activities, i.e. counter-strike, Golf, or FIFA. It is the greatest idea to do one last time when your best friend gets hitched. Either you all can bring your laptops and arrange for a LAN party or book a ground to play golf or football with your whole gang. Such uninterrupted day will alive your old memories to life.

Hit the town

Have you ever dream of hosting a crazy, all-night party at an exclusive club? Make contact with the management of a nearby hotspot and ask them about renting one of their VIP rooms with for an evening. Although, it might be an expensive idea especially when you have an open bar, so prepare all your partygoers to chip in on this kind of party. You can try more low-key bar crawl on his favourite local spots, and take a local brewery tour, stay there for dinner, live music and brews.

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