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Mehndi Function Ideas or Themes Will Blow Your Minds

24 Sep, 2019


Sangeet and Mehndi are the most happening functions at a wedding. The more interesting or happening it can be if you add some fusions in it. When we talk about Mehandi ceremony’s decoration, it has to be lively and bright. The more bright and colorful decoration, the more life it will give life to your wedding album.

Most of the families prefer to held Mehandi function at homes; an afternoon Mehandi will add some fun moments and beautiful décor helps you to create a perfect backdrop for those fun clicks with your close ones! A bright floral outdoors with photobooths and a well-decorated jhoola are in trend nowadays. If you are confused to pick what type of decoration you should have then scroll down for some amazing Mehandi ideas which you can easily implement at home or even at backyard or venue.


It is something which we all had enjoyed as kids. Making different shapes by using colorful papers was always fun. So, bring this fun again but with a different purpose to use it to décor your venue for Mehandi with some pretty origami. Another way of decorating the venue is by hanging paper boats. Acquire cutesy prints,  like- stripes, polka dots etc. You can make paper fans with just two pop colors, i.e. either bright yellow and baby blue or fuchsia pink and orange. Twig them on Bridal Jhoola or the entrance. 



Photobooth and props

I am sure that everyone will love the creative photo booth and props available there. It will be the most crowded stall of your Mehandi function. Create an “Insta” place which is full of different frames, quirky play cards, props and some gorgeous backgrounds where guests can click fun pictures. To make it more interesting, you can even add a Polaroid camera for instant printing of those precious moments. I can guarantee this theme would hit your Mehandi Function. Here, you can use Rickshaw as a prop and decorate it with huge flowers and could be draped too with neon fabrics.


Make your cocktail

Let your guests go behind and make cocktails for themselves. The can be a really fun experiment for them with different ingredients as they explore the world of spirits in order to make their signature drink. To add a little dash of wit, they can even give names to their original mixes. Give some gifts to those who gave attractive names to their drinks. Have extra liquor at hand for this one. Some guests might not be able to make good combinations and some just might drink their heads off.




Think about the bridal seat

This wedding season, you will see that some stunning bridal corners have created for brides to make them feel special and different. Don’t ignore style and comfort because she will spend a few hours on it. If your Mehandi function is at home, this the one important area you must focus on. Experiment with a floral wall backdrop with kickass dulhaniya signage and using props, like multicolor inverted umbrellas. You can also use drapes by coupling them with each other. Furthermore, Gotaa, ribbons, mirrors, tassels are also can be used to create a specific bridal seat and take all your bridal pictures.





Kaliras hold the very essence of Indian weddings. Decorate your Mehendi ceremony venue with these beautiful symbols of love and make the entire celebration golden. You can also paste pom-poms, tassels and gotta patches and hang them with gotta strings. Besides this, tape Genda fool string and stick it with inside the lotta and let it hang by kalewa/moli thread or colorful jute rope. Tie Kalires at various places, such as – entrance or the place where the bride sit. Moreover, if a tree is at your venue Kalire’s with some lights would be the best way to decorate it.



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