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Sabyasachi's Beautiful New Winter Bridal Collection 2019-Charbagh!

23 Aug, 2019


Every time Sabyasachi Mukharjee leaves all of us in wonder with his designs and experiments on bridal and groom wears. Each design looks like a piece of art. Fine craftsmanship and intricate work is what sets every collection of Sabhyasachi’s a class which apart it from the rest. Recently, he has been introduced winter 2019 bridal collection, titled, “Charbagh”- four blooming gardens of bloom nourished by one source. According to the name, this collection includes four distinct branches which shoot from the same set of roots, i.e. Nargis, Devi, Isfahan and Chowk. Each segment conveying a different tone and sensibility- some traditional, some earthy, some embellished and some subdued. It was all pioneered when the designer celebrated 20 years of success and on the very next day #theworldofsabyasachi had released its new collection’s teaser.

Interesting thing is, every wing within the collection have been paired with new line of bridal jewelry, rendering a different level of authenticity and charm to the Charbagh collection.

Let’s have a look!

The Devi Collection

As the name suggests, the collection Devi is associated with power and good energy, symbolized by Red color. I am pretty sure that Brides will have blind faith in this magic has renamed as “Sabyasachi Red”. As if we talked about cultural, Red is the color of acquaintance which is ascribed to traditions. As much scrolling down, you will see Womenswear in Sabyasachi Red and Menswear is tones of beige and off-white mark the Devi Collection. Revealing about naming, designer writes that most girls’ families expected, when a bride steps out of the changing room should look like a goddess in red lehenga. Hence, the name Devi.

The Chowk Collection 

The collection featured intimacy authenticity, positive defiance and integrity of rural India. Sabyasachi targeted to the folk culture of India as he has portrayed fierce individualistic modernity of urban woman using rural textiles which shows their strength, provocative sexuality and confidence. Furthermore, the Chowk Collection is made up for delicate and simple women who want quiet and composed wedding, only with few people as well as unalarmed by the influence of grandness. Along with this, the collection is an ode which defines rural heritage of Indian. The deeper hues, color blocking palettes and a touch of sexual appeal joined with rural textiles, specially designed for urban Indian bride.

The Nargis Collection

The design imagined “a wild overgrown garden with lavish flowers flourishing everywhere, fragrance by the memories of scandal, amber, sandal, amber, jasmine, curcuma, vetiver and frankincense.  Hence, the birth of Nargis Collection- an edition of destination wedding. Hues of soft pastel shades that breathe simplicity, there are simple embellished floral motifs of Sabyasachi’s memoirs. The collection is based upon beautiful and intricate floral embroiders and motifs on lighter color palette. The collection is best suits for indo-western wedding, the Nargis line collection features more vibrant colors with blooming flowers.

The Isfahan Collection

“Royalty” is an immediate thought which comes just after have an insight to Isfahan Collection. While most shy away from wearing velvet, Sabyasachi has gone one step ahead and embraced the fabric to make a line of bridal outfits inspired from Mughal Era. It states that bride and groom have something unique and different to try on their wedding and bring back the velvet trend again. The theme colors are joyous but quite tingled with faded fushchia, Jamun and pomegranate red. Such dusty colors best fits with glossy fabrics, likewise velvet and satin. To make them more attractive, an embellished with decadent zardosi in silver and gold is given in new bridal collection.

Have you noticed that a prominent thing that the Charbagh Collection is an inclusion of plus size models. “Every bride can be Sabsyasachi bride” – it is always a basic idea behind every new collection. Agreed, there just that one model but an enclosure does work towards regularizing the conversation surrounding desirable body types.

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