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Some of Favorite Haldi Moments!

18 Nov, 2019


The Haldi ceremony is most probably one of the most fun-loving functions in a wedding. The bride, groom, their families and friends get smeared with Haldi all over. Unsurprisingly, it is my favorite function as well. The liquor is free flowing, you don’t need to take permission to ruin your friends’ outfits and there is naach-gana everywhere. Here, is presented some lovely moments from Haldi Ceremony captured by some best photographers.

1. Glowing together, forever!


This is a shot that we just could not resist sharing. Here the bride and the groom's haldi ceremony is taking place together. Looking at their infectious and radiant smiles, we see haldi is working its magic not just on their skin, but on their bond as well!


2. Beautiful Moment Together 


It is a lovely montage of  Haldi Ceremony of a bride, showcasing her different moods. Turmeric is known to purify the skin and add more glow to it. Haldi is applied on the bride and the groom’s hands, legs and face by their family members and friends. Brides usually wear the color yellow or shades of it for this ceremony.


3. He needs the "glow" too 


Haldi ceremony is held at both side, the bride and the groom side. Well, even the groom needs to look radiant on his special day. Traditionally, in Hindu Communities once the ceremony is done the couple cannot step out from their homes till the time of their marriage. Here, is a beautiful shot of a groom’s haldi function.


4. Laughing it off !


Nowadays, in many families most of the functions are organized together. It doubles your joy, fun and excitement level; it makes bride and groom family closer and get a chance to know each other in better way. The picture is perfect to shot while your Haldi Ceremony showing how much this couple is enjoying their function together.


5. It's all for that glow!!


Here is a before and after shot of the bride from her haldi ceremony. The couple, generally, avoids wearing new clothes for this ceremony, as they will get spoilt. This photo would sum up the entire ceremony for you. After the ceremony is over, the bride takes a purifying bath. A small amount of holy water is also added into her bath water, to complete the purification process.


6. With your unmarried Sister or friend


Yes, that’s absolutely right! In case any of you wants to get married, attend this ceremony and apply some of the haldi on your face and this is believed to help you marry soon. Yes, it is actually believed that if the bride or the groom applies the magical turmeric paste on their unmarried friends or cousins, they get married soon.


7. And then there is this groom,whose happiness is quite evident


While we've seen numerous pictures of brides at their Haldi ceremony, some shots should be dedicated for grooms. Not only Brides even Grooms are also excited for their wedding, the era has gone when boys were stuck between household works even in their own marriages. Now, Grooms are also taking interest to enjoy every function and get special appearance. You can take a shot like this groom whose happiness is quite evident.


8. I won't suggest wasting liquor, but these seem fun!!


If one of your closest friends is getting married, then to make his or her wedding memorable you can add some modern touch in all ceremonies. Who says, Haldi function is only limited to apply Haldi to the would-be couple. Mixing of Liquor with Haldi will doubles you joy and cherish the moment. I am sure your friend won’t shout on you when you will be drizzled different flavors of liquor on them. Just go, add some fun in the function.


9. Fun-filled moments 


Haldi and mehendi are some of the few ceremonies before the D-day, where brides are able to gather some sweet memories with their close family and friends before they tie the knot! Here is a photograph that captures one such fun-filled moment that a bride shares with her sister during the haldi ceremony. Simply heart-warming, right?


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