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Stylish and Modern Bridal Mehndi Designs for Bride.

02 May, 2019


Searching for unique and attractive Mehndi designs is a hectic task for every bride-to-be before her wedding. Choosing within a pool of available variants of Bridal Mehndi Designs isn’t acceptable these days; we girls want something different for our mehndi that should perfect anyhow. Today’s bride shuffles through different social media platforms, i.e. Facebook and Instagram to find a better one that is a tiring job.

In Indian Weddings, Bridal Mehndi is an important part of every bride’s solha shringaar. A girl’s bridal looks seem to be incomplete if her hands and feet aren’t painted with heena. Traditionally, family members (women) or any their relative applied Mehndi Deign on Bride’s hand and others as well. But as per the time flaws, families hire professionals for this activity to give special touch to mehndi. Professionals charge according to the Mehndi design because Bridal Mehndi consumes lots of time and effort.

In this blog of AmritLife, we’ve decided to reduce your wedding stress, so there is presenting some most astonishing 2019s Bridal Mehndi Designs that will win heart of your partner.  So, for your never-ending search “my kinda mehndi designs” we at AmritLife are always on a hunt top fetch and fresh mehndi designs which aids four moons in your Bridal look.  Our kitty is not less than a Santa’s bag- always full of new trends floating around.

1. Floral Motifs: Flower designs are the most traditional Bridal Mehndi Design because it is evergreen and yet so in demand always. It looks pretty elegant. The soft filling makes the mehndi stand out from regular designs. As a bride, all girls enjoy their mehndi ceremony; at this time favourite Bollywood creates joyful environment. Family and lineages relish this ritual with a whole heart as it’s a mehndi that embarks the commencement of wedding.

2. Those gorgeous Little hearts Mehndi: Mehndi Ki Raat is cherished and glittery night which we all girls dreamed off; it is filled with fun, laughter, happiness, love and dance. We can make it even more remarkable and awesome by adding some efforts in the form of little hearts.  These hearts looks kinda cute and are fun to flaunt after marriage. This type of mehndi design made up with little bigger and you are set to flaunt that darker mehndi design. Who else doesn’t love darker mehndi hands? So if you are looking for super easiest and prettiest mehndi than you can go for this little hearts mehndi design.

3. Indo- Arabic Mehndi Designs: Nowadays, fusion is a way of bringing the best of two worlds together. Indo-Arabic Mehdi designs are one of good example which looks quite pretty on hands. This fusion gives a new look to bride-to-be which often feature with pairing of Indian floral patterns and shading by a touch of birds with Arabic Cashew.

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4. Indo Western Mehndi Design:  It is quite similar with Indo-arabic mehndi designs but also a mixture of east and west. Basically, this mehndi design is known as western mehndi design just worn as a style statement as well as far from traditional designs alike. Most of the Brides in metro cities usually prefer Indo-Western Mehndi Deisgn as they do not much time to sit for long hours due to hectic professional life. This mehndi design is quite spaced out and features modern patterns along with traditional Indian designs. The cool fact is there, Indo-Western style is popular in west by Bollywood movies and songs. And, the cool fact is this design is popularized in west by Bollywood movies and Songs.

5. The Royal Architecture: This mehndi design takes you in memories of an ancient Mughal palace. The domes and floral designs look like cemented pillars of a royal residence. Basically, this mehndi design focuses to make chequered and spilt patterns as they pretty and eye-catching too.

6. The Raja And Rani: Nowdays, it is in vogue to make Raja and Rani on hands, it looks like kinda royal and histrorical. The Raja and Rani mehndi style showcases an artwork of a royal king and queen of Mughal era. Here, patterns are drawn two faces see other with a focal point of the design stand out.

7. The Elephant Motif: It is also known as one of the favorite mehdni designs for Indian Brides; the swirly and curvy pattern adds an extensive flair, and keeping feel decorated and attractive.

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