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The Best 10 Laws Of Fashion For All...

17 Mar, 2020


Fashion is the impression that you create with your entire personality draped in a way that can turn the heads for you….

It's not about what you wear, but it's about how you wear it…!!

As they say


“Fashion is what you buy

Style is what you do with it”


So the basic definition of fashion says.... style your complete look in your own flavor by focussing on how you want to look on any particular event or occasion.

Here we have top 10 laws of fashion that can accentuate your look in an easy-peasy way:


1. Develop Your Own Style:

 The most important law of fashion is…. Don't follow any specific rule…..make your own rules ladies...just be comfortable in what you wear, making your own style statement. Always remember to keep it stylish, as they say:

 “Fashion can be bought

Style one must possess”

2. Layer! Layer! Layer!:

Layers always give glamor to your look without much effort. Whenever you wear some shorts pair it with some cape or a long jacket. It will act as a magical potion to your look.


3. Don’t stick to some particular colors:

 One of the most common mistakes that most of us commit is being in the comfort zone of a handful of colors. Always be experimental with the colors that you can carry on a particular occasion. For example: For an office, look don't always pick a blue or black.....go ahead and experiment with pastel colors or tones of wine color or some tones of grey color or a bottle green color.

Carly Cushnie aptly stated:

 “Life is too short to wear boring clothes”

4. Choose the perfect undergarments:

 Another law that most of us neglect is choosing the right brassiere, panty or body shaper. Ladies if you don’t know how to pick the right undergarment for you, just don't hesitate and try whichever style you want in the lingerie section of a store. I am sure you will eventually find the most comfortable… “made for you” kind of undergarments. Frankly, it can be a hit and miss initially before you get the most comfortable stuff for you.

5. Always keep some Hit & Hot Colors:

 Colors are very impactful and can bring an instant change in your look. There are some colors that can make you look subtle and stunning without much effort. So ladies always keep your besties, like: 

  • Red
  • Black
  • White
  • Golden, etc. in your wardrobe.

Trust me, these will prove to be the real saviors when you have a shortage of time or for a jiffy yet amazing look.

6. Don't be too matchy-matchy:

 Always wear the colors in a manner that they complement each other or define your look. Don't try to make yourself color-obsessed and hooked on a particular color. This might make your look fall flat. So try giving a hint of another color to your look….to make it peppy and classy. For example: With a black spaghetti and pants, wear a printed sheer cape of the complimenting colors, or wear a colorful dupatta over a plain white suit.

7. Accessorize!!:

 The best and the cutest way to make your look stand out...is to use the right accessories. 

  • Wearing a pair of long jhumkas over a sober palazzo and spaghetti look, or teaming up your blazer and trouser with an antique necklace and beautiful stilettos or
  • carrying a beautiful scarf around your neck with a sober attire, can bring a twist in your entire look, giving you an edge above everyone else. But the trick here is that you have to choose the accessories that you feel happy and confident to carry.
  • Don’t forget to carry a handbag or sling bag that will make you look a class apart.


8. Dare To Bare:

Don't hide your amazing legs or beautiful back ladies!! Instead, Flaunt them in the best way you can. Choose a pair of hot shorts and whip out your beautiful legs, no use of hiding them, when you can accentuate your hotness quotient. Pick a beautiful sheer back or backless blouse for your saree if you are comfortable flaunting your beautiful back.

9. Balance your clothes:

 One thing that makes your look classy is balancing your attire. Balancing means wearing a full sleeve top if you are wearing a micro mini or mini skirt/shorts, and wearing a floor-length skirt or palazzo with a tube top or spaghetti.

10. Makeup and Hair:

 Last but not the least is keeping a hairstyle that compliments your face cut and makeup that enhances your beauty and confidence. Makeup should be according to the occasion or event and should not look made-up. The main purpose of applying makeup is to define your features and accentuate your look, it should look classy and natural, always remember the golden rule:

“Less is more”


Hairstyle should be very carefully maintained, as it defines your entire look…. A knot for a formal look, loose hair for a casual look, curly strands for some peppy look, and many more… There are many hairstyles and haircuts that make you look entirely different. So ladies pick your style….define your statement and go beyond the best...As there are no limits to creativity…

Always remember: 

“Every day is a fashion show

And the world is your runway!!”

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