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The Best Eye Make-up Tips 2020

27 Feb, 2020


Have you ever wondered what is the first thing that everyone notices on your face!!??

The answer is - your eyes because they are naturally the most vibrant part of your body.

Shakespeare also quoted:  “Eyes are the window to the soul”

 Indeed, your eyes enhance your entire look, whether it is a party look, simple day look, festive look or a sassy look for your special day. All these looks depend entirely upon the kind of make-up you are applying.

The more beautiful your eyes look….the more amazing your personality appears.

You don't need to be a makeup professional for achieving the best & sexy eye looks. There are many best eye makeup tips for achieving those gorgeous eyes that I have brought for you based on my personal experiences and expert recommendations too.


There are many essential things that you should have for your eye make-up. These tools not only help you in the smooth application of the eye-shades but also make your eye make-up stay longer. Here are some best eye make-up tips and tools that make your eyes ravishing.

Tools :

  • Eye Cream (according to your skin type)
  • Eye Primer (Mac, Sephora, Maybelline)
  • Loose Powder
  • Eye Make-up Brush ( Thin brush, Blending Brush)
  • Eye Shadow
  • Eye Pigment
  • Mascara
  • Eye Brow Palette ( loreal Brow palette, Mac brow pencil)

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Best Eye Make-up Tips :

1.  Begin With An Eye Cream:

For all the pretty ladies, let me tell you the first and the most important step is to hydrate your skin around the eyes properly with an eye cream that suits your skin type and requirement.

There are many formulas available in the market, your job is just to try and buy the best one for you.


2.  Primer Please!! ( Prime your eyes and Under-eyes )

After hydration of your skin, don't ever forget to apply the best friend of your eye make-up, that is Eye-Primer. Many of us avoid using eye-primers, thinking that it doesn't matter much. But the eye primer is as important for eye make-up as the face primer is important before that flawless non-patchy face make up. It makes your brush flow on your eyelids... blending the shades just like a dream.

So even if you are a beginner or a professional, eye primer is an essential eye make-up tool.


3.  Apply Loose Powder Under The Eyes

Before starting with your eye-shades, make sure that your under-eye area should be well covered with some extra face powder, which can be brushed off once you are done with your eye make-up. It will save you from getting any extra color falls and hence give you a perfect look.


4.  Choose The Color & The Type!!

I am sure many of us get confused about choosing the right shade for any dress or occasion. However, this is very important to pick the right color for your look.

For instance: Choose a Bold and dark color for a party look, with minimal lip color and choose a pastel color for a day-out look with a brighter shade lip-color.

Choose the type of color Like Creamy eyeshadow, dry eyeshadow or liquid eyeshadow based on your comfort in using that particular type.


5.  Blend It Baby!!

One of the best eye make-up tips is that blend your eyeshadow very nicely because blending makes the eye make-up look smoother and mesmerizing.

The best way to apply the eye-color is:

  • Put the lighter color on the center of the eye lids.
  • Apply the darker shade on the corners of the eye lids.
  • Blend! Blend! Blend!!

To achieve that flawless look you must blend your eye-shadows to perfection so that it adds on to the beauty of your eyes avoiding any cakey look.


6.  Highlight Your Eyes

All you beauties! Don't forget to highlight your eyes. Apply a pigment of silver or light golden shade under your brow curve and on the inner side eye-corners.

Remember that highlighters instantly fill light on your face accentuating the beautiful features of your face(Recommended Highlighter: vanilla by mac, any metallic eye shadow of lighter color).


7.  Line It To Define It!!

Another most important eye make-up tip is to define your eyes by a good quality eye-liner. Eye-liners provide dimension to your eyes but make sure that you don't over-do it.

As I always say…. Less is more!!

The trick here is to keep practicing on your eyes with a liner to get perfection in applying the eye-liner as well as knowing which style suits you the best.

The most popular styles of applying the eye-liner are:

  • Cat-eyed
  • Winged
  • Thick line
  • Thin line eyeliner

Choose any style but make sure it should complement your entire look.


8.  Flaunt Your Bold Lashes!!

You can make your eyes look more amazing by either:

  • Applying mascara
  • Applying false lashes

Both the way it’s really fun to experiment with the different looks and ultimately pick the one that makes your eyes speak out louder. Ladies trust me eye-lashes do the magic when your eyes open and shut. The density of your eye-lashes depends on the quality and type of mascara you are using.

So make sure you buy the mascara and false lashes of premium quality. Please don't use any low-quality product as you are using it on your eyes.


9.  Last But Not The Least... Beautify The Brows!!

The next important step is to define your eyebrows according to the shape of your face. The shape of your eyebrows should accentuate your entire look. This makes your entire face properly defined and bold. But make sure don’t make them look too gross or heavy.

As the rule goes “less is more”

So be gentle while applying anything on your eyebrows. There are many brow palettes available in the market these days (recommended: loreal brow palette, mac brow pencil, etc ).


So all you lovely girls, please feel free to ask me anything that you want to know about eye make-up. You can leave your questions in the comments section. I will try to answer all your beauty queries as soon as possible.

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