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The Top 5 Venues In Punjab To Get Married

02 Jul, 2019


If you want to turn your wedding into a big fat affair than the Balle-Balle land has lots of stuff to offer you in regards with shopping to entire wedding planning. Punjab is known as one of the largest producers and exporters of handicrafts and handlooms. The rich culture has available everything that makes your wedding more luxury and trendy. When it comes to selecting a suitable wedding venue then options are endless in Punjab. Finding a venue includes all criteria from decorating the place into a fantasy to make available comfortable accommodation for guests. And sometimes we all know that it is difficult and confusing.

So, we at Amritlife have planned to make it easier for you and shortlisted best wedding venues of Punjab with exclusive amenities, which help to make your wedding day into a grand affair. What are you waiting for, if getting hitched this year; have a look at these wedding venues of Punjab!!!

1. Stallone Manor, Ludhiana

A timeless classic is a very first thought which comes into your mind when your roll in the gates of Stallone Manor. The splendid exotica outside lawn by having an area of 200 ft. x 130 ft. with a beautifully lit cascading fountain that will add more charisma to the decor. The five-star luxury hotel has two ballrooms, enacted with a classy touch of Roman grace and grandeur, is perfect to host any functions of an indoor wedding. The Stallone Manor transcends you to take the experience of great Roman Era as its front infrastructure exudes grandiosity and magnificence.

2. Grand Wedding Villa, Ludhiana

Wedding Villa is an alluring venue to enjoy wedding functions cuz its unmatchable architecture blends beauty, royalty and arts that is really impressive. The sparkling glamour of the place always provides extremely pleasing and marvellous moments of your life. Basically, the grand venue is emerged to support large gatherings of folks during marriages and its other events. You can see that the Villa has multiple arrangements for each specific ritual held in marriages. Likewise – a stunning or fascinated stage adorned with dancing lights with high quality and delightful to ears sound system force legs to enjoy Bhangra and music in wedding functions.  

3. Hyatt Regency, Chandigarh

The place is located at the heart of tri-city of Chandigarh, easily accessible from the two key areas, i.e. Panchkula and Mohali as well as 16 Kms away from Chandigarh International Airport. Hyatt Residency wows your eyes with its luxurious and spacious space, its fascination interiors of that are stirred by French architect Le Corbusier. They offer you a wide range of menu including all type of food, beautifully decorated wedding locations, imaginative settings and professional wedding services. The professional catering team of Hyatt Regency can turn a normal event into a splendid gastronomic experience.

4. JW Marriott, Chandigarh

Known as one of the luxurious and royal brands in Hotels give you wedding goals if you’re dreaming of a fairytale wedding. JW Marriot’s located in the city's industrial area; their splendour Ballroom carries a space of 8407 sq. glows with its radiance. Its lush green lawns can accommodate up to 1200 guests and greets you with refined luxury as well as a modern sense of style. You can experience all the luxury amenities including Quan Spa, the fitness centre, rooftop pool and delicious taste of dishes. For all wedding events, you’ll appreciate our sophisticated Grand charming lawn venue, living room and Ballroom.

5. The Cabana Resort and Spa, Jalandhar

In Jalandhar, Cabana Resort & Spa is a perfect example of how to establish long-term rapport with clients as it assists in making a business successful. It is built on a huge spot and unquestionably marked as one of the well-liked properties of the city. The enormous venue has 3 gateways classified into 47 large rooms. If you're planning to have a big fat wedding in the wide range of guests and then "The Cabana Resort & Spa" can be a great choice.

Hence, after viewing these wedding venues, I hope you've decided which one is the suitable wedding venue for you as per your taste and demands. Even if you're finding difficulties to contact the owners of such places, you can connect with us. AmritLife offers all types of wedding services at affordable prices in India.

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