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Top 10 Must Have Food & Cuisines For Indian Wedding

05 Nov, 2019


“A Big Fat Indian Wedding is incomplete without serving some finger-licking and sumptuous food spread that gives your guests’ foodgasms. We enlist food items and beverages that must be included in any Indian wedding food menu. Let the feast begin”!!!

If you're throwing a big fat Indian wedding and planning it with your family members then a major chunk of your time must be spinning around discussing the quintessential Indian wedding food menu. It is a difficult task people in weddings because matching your guests’ taste isn’t very easy. Amongst the many other things that lead to the success of a wedding, the food is what raises the bar to the next level. The food is what your wedding guests are going to talk about for years.

Don't worry and have a chill-pill while we prepare a listicle of several food items and beverages that will make your wedding a hit and take your Indian wedding food menu to the next level! Here is the list: -


1. Pani Puri/Gol Gappa

No one can say no to Gol Gappa’s! It’s an all-time favorite dish for people of all ages; these humble baubles of happiness are both tangy and sweet. Besides, you can also use golgappa's to play some games at your function while you're at it. Make sure you get the hygienic GolGappe wala so that people don’t hesitate to munch them. Trust me you will be doing a nice favour to kids. Have a blessed wedding.


2. Papdi Chat

Deep fried and usually cut in a circular shape, served with cold curd with mint and tamarind Chutney! You can also add some pomegranate to heighten the taste and make this chat more flavorful. Self-explanatory! But papdi chaat is so yumm and when it gets sophisticated like this, your guests will just lap it up!


3. White Sauce Pasta

This cuisine is perfect for children of the family; I’m sure they’ll love it. Originated from Canada, their main ingredients consist of Pasta and freshly chopped vegetables. Cook it in a pot filled with salted water till it’s soft yet not melted. Dressed with Garlic and Olive Oil and garnished with shredded Cheese. You are surely going to win many fans with this dish.


4. Gajar ka Halwa

Now that is something without which a wedding buffet is incomplete..!! It is candied Dessert treat. Make it by putting crushed Carrots in a vessel containing a measured limit of Water, Milk and Sugar and then cooking while stirring in uniform intervals till it’s in the way you like. You can have it dry or with its stock. Garnish it with Cashews and Almonds. Pair Almonds and Cashews in Ghee for some time before you do the garnishing. Let’s make your guests fall in love with you.


5. Strawberry Shortcake

Use it as a Dessert or as an Appetiser. It is a twist on the usual Desserts that we have. It is a very heartwarming dish. The Strawberry and Cream Combo gives you such a pleasurable taste that it will make your heart happy. It is simple to prepare and great to eat.


6. Gulab Jamun

A sweet is a necessity in Indian ceremonies. This sweet is made with Khoya and Paneer. Khoya or Mawa is used to prepare Gulab Jamuns. Khoya is dry evaporated milk which is obtained by continuously stirring the milk on a less flame till moisture evaporates. It is then mold to round shape fried till it gets its rich brown color and soft when you take a bite. It is dipped in Sugar Syrup to get that glace and that extra sweetness. Let’s make your guests crave for more. Grab a bite.


7. Paan

Consumption of pan after meals is a traditional affair. What do you say about this old-age sweet mouth freshener which is do deeply relished and enjoyed by people from all age groups! As many as twenty different varieties of paan’s are served as post meal appetizer in most weddings these days. Chocolate Paan, Ice Paan, Strawberry Paan & Vanilla Pan are among the popular ones and are enjoyed by people thoroughly. One of the best things to do is also welcome your guests with a sweet paan at the entrance! They will simply go gaga.


8. Zeera Rice


Let’s have rice. As this is the first item your guests are going to take on their platter, how about Jeera Rice? Rice being an essential part of any Indian wedding we must see to it that it is not so heavy so that guests can enjoy rest of the menu. Jeera Rice is prepared by cooking rice in desi ghee and flavoring it with delighting aroma of cumin seeds, Dry fruits, Milk, and more delicious things. Your guests will simply fall in love!


9. Dal Fry



Made with lentils, arhal dal also known as toovar and yellow dal is undoubtedly everyone's favourite when it comes to weddings. The richness of this recipe and its flavourful taste has made this dal recipe a hit at weddings and parties in both North and South India. Dal Fry is best teamed with Naan, missi roti or jeera rice.


10. Dhoodh Jalebi 


Last but not the least you can have Jalebis’ in your wedding menu. This is a popular crunchy dessert that goes well during a wedding breakfast as well as reception dinner party. When served warm it tastes as delicious as it looks. Serve it with Kadhai wala or Kesar wala Dhoodh serve it with Dry Fruits, Malai and other delicious things.

Enjoy the wedding! And rest assured that your guests are completely satisfied with you.


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