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Top 15 wedding dresses for Groom in India

10 Apr, 2019


Indian weddings continually see the brides steal the show due to their exquisitely ornate bridal apparel. Everything is thus good concerning the manner they appear thereon big day that hardly anyone glances at the Dulha. withal, times have seen a considerable increase within the wedding attire choices for the leader of the groom brigade. Let’s some of such exquisite Indian groom dress choices which will for certain facilitate any bridegroom steal the show with the ‘prince charming’ look.

1. Traditional style Red Sherwani With Turban- Let’s begin the list with a classic. This Indian groom dress will be thought of the leading selection of any Indian bridegroom for his wedding. The Sherwani options a style of easy patterns, with a silk border running across the country. The collar shows similar style components. The ensemble includes an identical dupatta worn over the neck with vibrant tassels at its finish. Safa or turban encompasses a silk brocade on the outside with elaborate brooches all around. Overall, this is often a dress which is able to remarkably cause you to seem like a representative Indian groom.

2. Jacquard Art Sherwani- An exquisite style which will actually cause you to stand out at your wedding. It options the complicated Jacquard silk art, that's complemented with the addition of raised stones and beads. Even the buttons square measure specially moulded to match the patterns on the dress. you'll be able to combine it with an identical beige and light-weight grey churidar to form this an exquisite Indian groom dress.

3. Blue Fusion shirt Set- If you're trying to find one thing a lot of modern with a stylish bit, then this Indian groom dress needs to be your selection. It consists of a brief shirt made up of silk in conjunction with an identical churidar. What stands enter this apparel is that the heavily embellished jacket with designer brocade work everywhere. It snugly fits the body and options flower to form things a small amount a lot of lush. The collar and sleeves square measure given an equivalent style treatment because the jacket creating this one impressive dress to wear.

4. Maroon Velvet Sherwani- The star of this wedding outfit is that the cloth. created entirely of velvet, it's a Sherwani that packs a great deal of shine throughout its length. Collars Associate in cuffs square measure given an elaborately decorated border, whereas the buttons square measure fully in velvet. The Sherwani is let alone a Patiala-style pants, making Associate in Nursing altogether marvellous charm.

5. Kimkhab Pattern Sherwani- If you actually need to face enter your photograph, then this is often the Indian groom dress to travel for. The Sherwani options the marvellous Kimkhab silk brocade add striated patterns throughout the dress. the colour theme is created to alternate making a distinction, that like a shot captivates a viewer’s attention. it's paired with a beige colour Patiala-style pants that adds charm to the present impressive groom dress.

6. Bandhgala Suit- This is Associate in Nursing Indian groom tail coat that encompasses a serious influence of Indian ethnic wear. The jacket appearance and fits sort of a regular one however options a bandh-gala or closed collar with a Sherwani-like middle seam. Most of the seam is command along with the higher portion having four to 5 golden buttons. Trousers square measure of typical kind, matching the color palette of the jacket.

7. Cream coloured shirt With Full Sleeve Jacket- This Indian groom dress possibility is Associate in Nursing ornate gold coloured shirt and pants set, that is flat-topped by Associate in Nursing decorated full-sleeve cream coloured jacket. The lower border of the shirt extends out of the jacket to feature the elaborately decorated border. the general charm of this style will be greatly increased with matching camp-made footwear.

8. Beige G-string shirt with inexperienced Jacket- Go the standard manner with a twist of fashion. it's a group of a dark beige G-string and shirt, that is worn in conjunction with an inexperienced velvet jacket with a red hankie. This Indian groom dress possibility is thus straightforward, thus ancient, and nevertheless thus enticing that you just can’t facilitate however scrutinize it with awe.

9. plain-woven Jute Sherwani- We square measure quite positive jute wouldn't are at the highest of your mind for your wedding gown material however your perception is sort of probably to alter once gazing this one. it's medium-length Sherwani made up of fine jute materials that square measure complex in an exceedingly thanks to produce marvellous style patterns. Since jute encompasses a natural chromatic beige color, the Sherwani options a gorgeous color scheme of brown and beige all throughout, even on the buttons.


10. Blue Bandhgala- This Indian groom tie Associate in Nursing clothes carries an overall casual look however still appearance stylish and joyous. If you're on the brink of have an out of doors wedding with a semi-formal atmosphere, then this one can work the most effective to gel well with the theme. At the front, it options Associate in Nursing inclined seam with 2 rows of buttons. The pocket options a silk hankie, that matches shades with the color of the buttons. The trousers have a slim work that works quite well with the cosy fitting of the jacket.

11. Purple Velvet Sherwani- This Indian groom dress may be a hinge joint Sherwani suit created entirely of purple color velvet with a light charm. Buttons and hankie work nice to intensify the design of this dress, and it works nice with purple or blue churidar.

12. handstitched joyous G-string shirt- If trying straightforward and ancient is your reasonably issue, then this Indian groom dress ought to be your selection for the marriage. it's Associate in Nursing enticing combine of silk G-string Associate in Nursing shirt that permits you to create an Indian Fuchsia-Art-Silk-Kurta ethnic statement.

13. Fuchsia Art Silk shirt- Add some inventive aptitude to your dressing with this spirited Indian groom dress. The silk shirt displays a fine-looking motif made up of golden threads at round the neck, collar and therefore the sleeve. A beige or golden dupatta will be else to enhance the design of the apparel.

14. Red Jacket and Dhoti-Kurta Set- It is a group of a beige color shirt, and a G-string with a jacket. The jacket and therefore the G-string square measure set to an equivalent color creating this a tasty piece of groom wear.


15. Button-less Sherwani With Brooch- It is a dark blue Sherwani with one button-less seam within the front, that continues to make a neat collar. The pocket options Associate in Nursing ornate brooch that contrasts well with the dark background setting you actually apart on the big day of your life.

Those were some nice Indian groom dresses for that royal look. thus, that one did you like?

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