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Top 5 Romantic Destinations to Propose To Her

30 Sep, 2019


When you’ve decided to propose her for marry the most common question pops in mind is- Where and How? A proper planning, the ring shopping, the channeling of your courage and the perfect timing, among all these location is also important. As the ambience, the backdrop, the vibe- all plays a crucial role to make up that moment perfect. The perfect location for a proposal not only has to be romantic and picturesque but also needs to be a spot where both of you can feel connected. It’s exactly from where your fairytale begins, and a new beginning is meant to be sweeter and merrier. So, if you’re in the middle of finding the most romantic places to propose or are thinking of officially taking your partner for life, we have got you covered!

And these 15 places are a haven without a doubt! Have a look and pick the one that suits you both the most.

1. Propose in the Air: hot balloon proposal in Lonavala




The popular hill station close to Mumbai and Pune. Lots of waterfalls, hills and lakes over, Lonavala fill you with love and romance. We all romanticize Hot Air Balloons. Imagine like in movies Casanova, we have set our romance expectations a little above in the skies. If you’re planning to propose, the best option is to take your lady for a hot-air balloon ride over Lonavla hill station in Maharashtra. I am damn you can feel the flare of the legendary Lothario to set you both in the mood as you literally fly above all with your sweetheart. The plus point is that since the lady is stuck with you in your romantic ride for some time, there’s no evading the question.


2. Himachal Pradesh: in the open arms of Himalaya



If you both are affirmed adrenaline junkies then here’s something for you. Adventures get our hearts pumping and being with your someone special throughout is really delightful. The crisp air of the Himalayas and the aura of the snow clad mountains are far from the usual and utterly perfect to drop the M-bomb. Being surrounded by snow-capped mountains and breathing in the crisp air, brings in its own allure and makes for a worthy remembrance. Also, the freezing weather may just want her to cuddle closer. This place is worth to include in your bucket list as it offers the longest cable ride across Asia.


3. Goa, The beachy Paradise proposal




Clean white sand, a peaceful vibe and serene waters against a beautiful sunset! Sounds epitome, isn’t it? The beach is known for pre-wedding shoot but you can take advantage of it to propose your girl. Don’t worry about the crowd, as tourists don’t usually visit this beach that often - you can be sure to have some time alone with your loved one. There is something different in the air of Goa as it takes you whole new level of romance. The hippie vibes of Goa showers upon one make them let loose and enjoy the moment. To make your moment more happening, rent a yacht and enjoy the saccharine isolation. When the horizon changes its colour to that of the roses, watch your lovely lady flush pink as you pop the question.


4. Grand Proposal at Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur




The city of lakes known for love and romance, people take vows in front of lakes to be with each other for lifetime. Watching lake sparkling during a romantic sunset is simply breathtaking. If you desire to propose to the queen of your heart just like a real one, then one can never go wrong with Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur. Magnificent suites placed in the heart of architectural flamboyance would add the right amount of grandiosity to your proposal. You would not only get the chance to admire the majesty of the stately palaces here but automatically bring out those feelings that were hidden since long.


5. Proposal in front of Symbol of love- The Taj Mahal




The Taj Mahal breathes out the air of romance into Agra. If your would be is Bollywood Buff, then she’ll be digging it. The royal Taj Mahal proposal never goes out of trend or even cliché. You and your ladylove take an amble to sightsee the mottled serenity in all its might, kneel down to ask her the question of a lifetime. The Taj Mahal remains open every day from sunrise to sunset, and the best time to propose her over there while sun twilights its vibes. You cannot build something as mighty as the Taj for her, but the greatest symbol of love to ever exist can surely set the tone for your proposal.

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