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Top 8 Mandap Ideas for your Dreamy Pheras!!!

09 Jul, 2019


“Under the dome full of flowers, and lights as bright as the stars, he holds her hand and both of them take a vow to share the journey of a lifetime.”

Pertaining our habit to let you know the trendy and latest ideas and inspirations for your wedding, this time we found blogging about unique Mandap decorating ideas. As we all know that in Indian Weddings, Mandap is one of the vital facets, it is the place where the bride and groom are going to take ‘saat pheres'. Hence, the beauty of it is of utter importance. The scenario of Indian Weddings has changed, people want something unique or different. A Mandap decoration is an enchanted domicile which forms a romantic aura of the picturesque wedding. Even, Wedding photographers are also willing to cover the best candid while the couple is going to take seven vows.

Mandap decoration has gained loads a lot of prominence than what it accustomed to be. A floating Mandap or a Mandap amidst the plush leaf in an exceedingly country field, in fact, are not as out-of-the-box today as they once were and you can check the Mandap pop-up for the same.

If something different, eclectic and beyond imagination is what you are craving for, then keep scrolling. We bet these latest and freshest mandap designs will grab your eyeballs without any doubt. And well, they might even steal the couple's charm tbh… :P

The Traditional Wedding Mandap

Although, trends are changing Indians still prefer a traditional touch in their weddings. So, a traditional wedding Mandap would be a great idea, it is made up of wood or metallic pillars. You can see that all the pillars are draped with curtains along with some elegant and fresh flowers. Rust, bold, metallic, ethic and bronze Mandap Decoration with a traditional adorned Kalash, Thali and bell hangings. This type of Mandap setting will make your wedding environment more pure and auspicious.

The Royal Touch of Chandeliers

Set a stunning ballroom setting, flowers and drapes are everywhere, is enough to add the sophistication index of an indoor Mandap like glittering, shimmering chandeliers! No matter, what's your colour theme- the class and radiance added by delicate chandeliers to the décor are unmatched. This Wedding Mandap visions décor and bloom the aura with twisting vines adorning the structured canopy, give a glamorous touch to it.

Nothing Goes Wrong by the Beach 

Who else does not love a beach wedding? Imagine, keeping the blue sky, the sea in its backdrop and you held the hand of your life-partner, going to take seven vows to be with each other for a lifetime. The splashing sound of sea waves and a romantic breeze of the seashore, view of the endless horizon, beach mandap on the deck, with amazing sea view a simple yet elegant Mandap sits magnificently on the white sand. Decorated with white flowers, this mandap is a great choice for couples who love Vitamin Sea!

Hues of Yellow

Who said that it was just a Mehandi and Haldi ceremony where yellow was the talk of the town. By adding extremely easy and simple to pull off nature of the colour, yellow can be apt for morning nuptials. Perfect for the couple who always up for some extra fun and ready to include some different stuff in their wedding, yellow is the deal to seal. This Mandap is suitable for vibrant and exotic Mandap pictures, yellow and white roses can actually ace the game.

Live the Dream with a Classy White Mandap 

Two words for this one – Simple & Elegant. The luxury sheer use of white flowers and sheets make the entire setting into the dreamy affair. The little touch of creepers and red tiny flowers is yet another standout. White Mandaps have become popular in recent years, perfectly suits for lawn or garden setting, looks lavishing with surroundings. This graceful frame is somewhat minimalist but cannot be forgotten by your guests with its white drapes festooned with ivory carnations, ferns and salmon pink roses.

Subtle Hues of Pink and White

In the era, where most of the people prefer bright and vibrant colours, you can opt in some soft colours, like – baby pink, peach and sky blue. I bet you wouldn't go wrong with the combination of pink and white. Keeping in mind the correct shade and fresh flowers to give your Mandap an elegant look. This does not only sooth your wedding but also keep it subtle. Such mandaps can be adorned with bright lights to bring forth a magical effect.

 The Exotic Gold-Themed Wedding 

Beautifully sculptured wedding temple Mandap is collecting popularity, nowadays. In Indian Weddings, the classic gold never goes out of town. A fabricated Mandap design in temple shape with a golden intact with authentic pillars and sculptured dome above over the pillars can give a new touch to a big fat traditional wedding. You can play with lights, shimmers, curtains and candles to showcase the glittering effects.

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