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Tricks to become darling of your Mother in Law

10 Jun, 2019


They say when you marry a guy, you just don’t marry with him but his whole family too, especially his mother. Usually, Indian Sons are closest to their mothers for their entire life until they they get married and afterwards he has to deal with two women in his life, i.e. his wife and his mother. In our culture, Indian mothers wants to rule over her son, his wife, Ah! That’s why we call them “Sasu-Maa”.

Yeah!1 you’re absolutely guessed right. The clash of gallantry sandwiched between Saas and Bhau is universal phenomenon. If we deeply look into the crux of this matter, no one can escaped such escaped tête-à-tête fights.

Hence, to marry with the man of your dreams isn’t the perfect ending of your love story if you cannot impress your SasuMaa. Your happily Marriage will soon convert into a nightmare. So, in this blog I am giving you some pro-tips that you should have to read if you a want to dodge ineluctable circumstances, taunts and remarks post your shaadi.

Here is the list of doing that must adhere to gain More Pyar, More Aashirwaad from your Saasu-Maa or obviously it’s a chance to impress your hubby too.

Don’t forget to greet them!

Yes, don’t forget , now you’re married. Indian Saasu-Maa’s expect from their Bahu to greet or respect them always. A warm good morning wish with a nice smile and touch their feet out of respect can really make positive image of you, in her mind. Not even your Saas, you too can do the same with everyone in new family (especially aged ones). If you do, ready yourself to be tagged a snob already.

Try to be humble and patient!

May be you’re super blunt, bindaas and outgoing like me, but in front of your Saasu-Maa you have to be calm, humble and patient. It shows, you respects her and getting positively what she wants to say. Don’t act instantly, after all adjusting with your in-laws will take time, let alone just the elder generation.

Become the kitchen queen!

We’ve been grown up by hearing “a happy stomach is a way of your husband’s heart” but having good cooking skill will also helps in impress your Saasu-Maa. Every Indian mother looks for a girl who can cook well or knows how to manage kitchen perfectly. If you’ve recently married or soon to be married, all you need to do is spend more and more time in Kitchen, try new or delicious dishes. Behave like you’re the girl who enjoys more in the kitchen rather than bedroom (at least for few days). It will force your Saasu-Maa to say, i.e. She is the perfect bahu for our home.

Compliment her upbringing

Sometimes, when you both sits together or on call, you can appreciate her upbringing and the Encultration she gave her. Tell her like what a gentleman he is, how is caring, calm, respect others, polite, caring and how he talks to her mother. All because of her upbringings and inheritant good manner. It will make your Saas proud and emerge a liking towards you instantly.

Share your feelings with her and seek advice 

It is the most common tendency of Indian Mom-in-laws that their so called “Bahu” seek advice from her. She loves when her daughter in law asks to their “Saas” before doing anything, i.e. from making anything special in kitchen to going out with husband. And most specially, when is she is planning to go her “Maayka”. Now, this advice is for all daughter in laws’ to make your attitude of being receptive to advice or suggestions from your Saasu-Maa. Don’t just ignore their advice in arrogance.

Compliment her genuinely in public

There are several things you learn from your Mother-in-law. Don’t forget to mention them when she and you are with others, appreciation that how your MLA helps you to manage kitchen & home perfectly, acquire new things. This type of gratitude is enough to melt your MLA’s heart, & yes!! she will starts love you like her Son.

Promote Love between Mother and Son

Don’t get jealous if your “Hubby” seeks advice of her mother before doing anything. There are some boys who are very closed to their mothers, like “Mumma’s Boy” after all he is raised by that women. Give him time to accept things and try to avoid situations where your Saas may feel that her Son is giving more importance you than her.

Accept and Respect

Most of the girls think that they have to have the relationship with their Mother in Law just because of their Husband. My advice for those girls to don’t assume that you’re only marrying with a person, its all about for entire family too. Now, you’re part of that family, so try to manage healthy relation with all, specially with your Saasu-Maa. And remember, acceptance is the key to win her heart.

Remember, ummmm…. Everything 

In Indian culture, a perfect bahu is the one who remembers all dates like a robot, it will make her come across an extremely good, very caring and sensitive human being. After marriage, it is your foremost responsibility to remember birthdays, likes-dislikes, anniversary, important dates, doctor appointments, culinary preferences.

Surprise her

And last but not least, plan some surprises for her, i.e. all women like shopping, going out. It will build a strong relationship between you and your MLA. Sometimes, you can also plan a dinner with her, it would really make her feel that her daughter in law cares her. Or even if you have to exhausted your salary, GO FOR IT!!!.

All this gyaan is subjective, it doesn’t mean to hurt any sweet Saasu-Maa’s feelings, every person is different. As a newly married bride, you just need to know likes-dislikes of your Saasu-Maa and strive for winning her heart.

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